How to install Orkut themes in Opera

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Installing Orkut themes in Opera is very simple because you do not need to install Greasemonkey.

Follow the steps given below:

From our website, first click on the download link for the Orkut theme that you want to install. Some text will be displayed on your screen. In Opera browser’s menu, go to File —> Save As. Do not change the default file name and file type. Save the downloaded file in a new folder, say for example, ‘MyOperaThemes’.

Save the downloaded Orkut theme

In Opera browser’s menu, go to Tools —> Preferences —> Advanced —> Content —> JavaScript Options.

Setting Preferences

Setting JavaScript Options

In ‘JavaScript Options’, click on the Choose button. Now browse and select the folder ‘MyOperaThemes’ where you had previously downloaded the Orkut theme. This tells Opera browser that your Orkut themes are stored in this folder.

Choosing the Orkut themes folder

Now login to your Orkut account and you will be able to see the new Orkut theme installed.

How to manage Orkut themes in Opera

In Opera, there is no option to manage your Orkut themes. So keep only one theme which you like, in your ‘MyOperaThemes’ folder. That will be the theme displayed. Keep all the other themes downloaded earlier in some other temporary folder, so that you can use it later, if required.

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