Kim Kardashian poses top less for new salad ad

‘Who says salads can’t be hot’ says Kim Kardashian as she strips for a steamy new commercial for a new healthy range introduced by a fast food joint in the US.

Kim Kardashian poses top less for new salad ad

The 29-year-old TV reality star who first became famous because of a leaked sex tape, seemed to take inspiration from the infamous home video for the advertisement, reported websit E! Online.

Kim Kardashian stars in an advertisement for American fast food chain Carl’s Jr. and turns eating a salad into a highly sensuous experience.

Kardashian appears naked in the bath, apart from some strategically placed bubbles in one scene, while in the other she is seen eating a salad wearing nothing but a cream colored robe.

Kim Kardashian has recently been on a dieting spree, slimming down after a US magazine had released a photograph of her that had not been retouched, exposing her cellulite.

‘Complex’ magazine had mistakenly posted the wrong photo of the star, one which had not been touched up by the airbrush.

The magazine quickly removed the photograph and replaced it with the officially retouched photo, but was not fast enough to prevent it from spreading across the Internet.