AP Governor N D Tiwari sex scandal

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In a stunning TV expose, Andhra Pradesh Governor, freedom fighter and Congress veteran N D Tiwari has been found in the middle of an alleged sex scandal whose headquarters are the Raj Bhavan itself.

AP Governor N D Tiwari

The 85-year-old has had a glittering political career; he has been the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh thrice – has allegedly been abusing young women at the Raj Bhavan for several months, reports Telugu TV channel ABN in a highly exclusive report, with what it claims is visual proof. And in true MMS scandal style, Tiwari allegedly filmed it all and threatened the girls with exposing those films.

There are a lot of unfilled gaps in the entire story, which anyway goes like this.

A close friend of Tiwari’s from his UP CM days, a certain Radhika, allegedly approached him when he turned AP Governor, for mining licenses at Kadapa. Tiwari allegedly assured help, but his OSD Arvind Sharma asked for money.

Radhika paid up lakhs, but the licenses still did not happen, and Sharma, refusing to refund, asked her instead for women to work at the Raj Bhavan, in return for the licenses.

Radhika had girls transferred from the A P Bhavan in New Delhi, and upon a visit some time later, had the girls secretly visiting her in the night and crying over her shoulder about how they were being sexually exploited by the Governor, his OSD, and even several Congress MPs who were guests of the Governor.

Radhika apparently asked the girls to get out of there with the films immediately, which they did. However, the OSD Aravind Sharma started hounding her for the films, threatening to kill them if he did not get them.

A terrified Radhika eventually approached the media hoping exposure would save the lives of the girls and her. The channel was showing (until the Governor’s lawyer got an injunction from the A P High Court prohibiting the channel from airing the visuals anymore) several nauseating stills of – allegedly – the Governor receiving sexual favours from various girls, while maintaining that it is not airing even worse stuff in its possession for fear of offending viewers’ sensibilities.

See the video:

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