Katrina Kaif replaces Ranbir as the Hero in Rajneeti 2

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With the success of Prakash Jha’s political thriller Rajneeti, it was but natural for the sequel Rajneeti 2 to be announced. Rajneeti 2 will see the return of Katrina Kaif to the centre-stage as the queen-sized politician in the sequel.

Katrina Kaif at Rajneeti press meet

The script for the sequel has been finalised and will chronicle the rise to power of Katrina Kaif’s character in the first film, and her subsequent descent into a megalomaniac whose self-serving politics ultimately destroys her.

Prakash Jha revealed that it was a very challenging task to take the Raajneeti story forward as most of the main characters were dead. He said that two-thirds of the characters will be completely new, but Katrina would play a central role in the sequel.

Katrina Kaif Ranbir Kapoor in Rajneeti poster

Although Ranbir Kapoor’s character did not die at the end of Rajneeti, Prakash Jha said that Ranbir would not be part of a Rajneeti 2. Ranbir Kapoor too was not interested in the sequel since the entire focus would be on Katrina Kaif’s character and he would have a very small role in the movie.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor Rajneeti stills

Prakash Jha also said that he would be doing a spin on the Mahabharat, though this time, it would be completely different.

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