Gehana Vasisth: Sherlyn Chopra “paid” Playboy for cover space

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Controversial model and drama queen Gehana Vasisth has claimed in an interview to a TV channel that Sherlyn Chopra “paid” Playboy magazine for the cover space and could have spent about Rs 35 to Rs 40 lakh from her own pocket to get on the cover of the international men’s magazine.

Gehana Vasisth bikini photo

Gehana Vasisth was in the news a few days ago when a poster bearing her face and bikini clad body with a resemblence to Mother Mary made an appearance on the internet. The model claimed it was morphed and that she had nothing to do with it. The fake image created a mini riot at a town near Virar about 50 kms from Mumbai.

Sherlyn Chopra at Playboy press meet

“I think she (Sherlyn Chopra) paid them. It is a known fact today that every magazine or publication is willing to do advertorial features. The entire Sherlyn Chopra episode is nothing but a paid advertorial.” According to Gehana Vasisth, adult mens’ magazines like Playboy do take on “paid” covers from adult entertainment actresses abroad and the models are willing to shell out a huge sum for the coverage as it gives them a certain “standing” in the market as a Playboy cover model thus increasing their business manifold. Gehana asserts that someone from Sherlyn’s inner circle who also happens to be a good friend of hers has given her this information.

Besides the payment to Playboy her airfare and other expenses were obviously borne by her on her own, asserts Gehana.

Courtesy: Pinnacle PR

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