Bigg Boss or Small Toss, Kim Kardashian keen on coming to India

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If the Indian TV grapevine is to be believed, American socialite, television reality star, model and actress Kim Kardashian is keen on coming to India and wooing the great Indian diaspora, even if the promoters of Bigg Boss, TV channel Colors may find her “too expensive”.

American celebrity Kim Kardashian

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Sources say that if all goes well, Kim may be seen on Indian television on an entertainment show on a well-known Tv channel around Diwali.

According to Mumbai-based celebrity publicist and journalist Flynn Remedios whose agency Artistes Inc is in touch with Kim Kardashian’s management for another Reality Show, “Kim Kardashian has indicated that she could be interested in coming to India, but right now nothing is confirmed. We are in touch with Kardashian’s management for another big TV reality show, but I cannot divulge any details now.” When queried if her asking rate was Rs 4.5 crore as reported in a section of the Indian media – for participating in a reality show, Remedios said that was all hogwash. ‘I do not know where the media gets these figures from. Yes as one of the top entertainers in the industry, Kardashian is in great demand, but these figures are highly exaggerated. It all depends on the kind of project. Of course, sponsored, televised shows are considered with a different yardstick and charity appearances with an all together different one.”

A large corporate house with huge investments in telecom and entertainment is also keen on getting Kim Kardashian for a mega event in India. As the events scenario hots up in India and the festive season fast approaching, many ‘foreign celebs’ are sought after this season. Remedios concurs, “One of Mumbai’s largest Navaratri Mandals has approached us for a female Hollywood star of Indian origin. Similarly we have several requests from all over India for lesser-known international actors and singers for appearances this Navaratri. Even Ganpati Mandals won’t be left far behind. Gone are the days when celebrities and Bollywood stars were secretly invited for appearances but posed as devotees or “bhakts” of a particular Ganpati Mandal. Today Mandals are vying with each other to get big names from Bollywood to attend the religious rites and other festivities for Ganpati and Navaratri, explains Remedios. This also explains the craze for Bollywood stars including Veena Malik and Sunny Leone at the recent Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai and Pune. Religious entities are willing to pay big bucks to celebrities to “visit” their festivities. “Glamour and God apparently mix well,” quips Remedios, adding that not all celebrities charge to visit religious functions. “But then they won’t give television interviews after the visit and normally like to visit the venue incognito.”

Credit : Anita Joseph – Pinnacle PR

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